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  1. Carbon(II) oxide was passed over 4.1g of heated oxide of copper in a combustion tube until there was no further change. The mass of the final substance was found to be 3.29g
    Complete the Table and determine the empirical formula of the oxide.
    (Cu=64.0; O=16.0)
      Element    Cu    O   
      Mass (g)
     Number of Moles 
    Empirical formula         
  2.    State the property of carbon(II) oxide that was demonstrated in the experiment.         

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  1.    Table
      Element    Cu      O   
      Mass (g) 3.29 0.81
     Number of Moles  3.29 
     Mole ratio     1    1
    Empirical formula        CuO     
  2. Reducing agent/Reducing property.
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