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"Whenever people find themselves in a difficult situation, they use lies to cover up for their actions." Exemplify this using the play A Doll's House

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  1. As the play begins, Nora behaves like an obedient and honest wife. However, this is not her real character.
  2. She does not want to reveal to her husband that she had loaned money from Krogstamnd to facilitate their trip to Italy.
  3. Krogstad deceit is exposed. He commits a forgery. This act of deceit destroys his reputation that he fins it difficult to get employed.
  4. Dr. Rank also comes out as deceitful and dishonest. He has been deceiving both Nora and Torrald for years about the depth of the depth of his feeling for Nora. Only when she attempts to seek his financial help does Nora finally see beneath the surface to the doctor’s real feelings. He has been lusting for his best friend’s wife all those years.
  5. Torrald, who has been deceived throughout most of the play, is finally revealed in the final act to be the one most guilty of deception. He has deceived Nora into believing that he loved and cherished her, while all the while he had regarded her as little more property.
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