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Study the information in he Table and answer the questions that follow. The elements belong to the same chemical family. (The letters are not actual symbols of the elements)                                       

 Element  Atomic radius (nm)  Ionic radius (nm)   Ionisation energy kJ/mol 
    L        0.157       0.095       494 
    K        0.203      0.133       418
    M        0.123      0.060        519
    N        0.235       0.169        376
  1. Classify the elements as either metals or non-metals. Give a reason.
    1. Identify the element which is
      • least reactive  
      • most reactive
    2. Give a reason for the answer 2 (1) 

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  1. Metals, Ionic radius is smaller than corresponding atomic radius/ vice versa
      • M
      • N
    2. The more the ionization energy, the less the reactive or the less the ionization energy the more the reaction OR use atomic radius to explain.

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