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The grid below shows part of the table. The letter is not the actual chemical symbols of the elements. Study it and use it to answer the question that follows.
grid of periodic table Q1 Form 3 End Term 1 2021

  1. Which element is the:
    1. Most reactive non metal. 
    2. Most reactive metal. 
  2. What name is given to element that belongs to the regions marked W.? 1mk
  3. What type of bond if formed in the compound when element Z reacts with element U? Give a reason for your answer. 
  4. Compare the atomic radius of:
    1. T and U. 
    2. Z and X. 
  5. Write the formula of the compound formed when:
    1. Element Z reacts with element Y 
    2. Element P reacts with element V. 
  6. Given that element G has an electron arrangement of 2:8:4 put it in it correct position on the above grid. 

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    1. T  
    2. Q  
  2. Transition elements  
  3. Ionic/Electrovalent elements 
    There is complete transfer of electrons from Z to U. 
    1. U has more occupied  energy levels than T, hence has a larger atom radius than T. 
    2. Z has a smaller atomic radius  than X. Z has more protons and therefore a higher nuclear charge which attracts its electrons more strongly. 
    1. Z3Y2 
    2. No compound formed as it is stable 
    Correct position of element G in the grid representin periodic table

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