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One of the reactions in the manufacture of nitric(V) acid involves catalytic oxidation of ammonia as shown in the equation.
4NH3(g)+ 5O2(g) chemical symbol with opposite arrows4NO(g) + 6H2O(g); ΔH=−909 kJmol−1
The reaction is carried out at a pressure of 10 atmospheres and a temperature of 900°C

  1. Other than nitric(V) acid, name another product that is formed. 
  2. State and explain the effect on the position of equilibrium if the reaction is carried out.
    • at 10 atmospheres pressure and 450°C;      
    • at 900 °C and 20 atmospheres pressure;   
    • in the absence of a catalyst.   
  3. State and explain the effect on the rate of the reaction if the reaction is carried out at 10 atmospheres and 450°C.  

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  1. Nitrons acid/HNO
    Nitric (III) Acid
    • Equilibrium shifts to the right, forward reaction is favoured since it is exothermic
      • Equilibrium shifts to the left
      • Backward reaction is favoured/favours the direction with fewer molecules/due decrease in number of mole/molecules
    • No effect
  3. Rate of reaction decreases/reduces/slows
    decrease in temperature leads to reduction/decrease in kinetic energy of the molecules hence less effective collisions.
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