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The scheme below shows how energy is transmitted from the sun into the ecosystem.

  1. Name; 
    • Organisms Y
    • Process I
  2. Suggest two ways through which energy is lost from one trophic level to the next. 
  3. What is the importance of decomposers in an ecosystem? 
  4. Define the term Eutrophication. 
  5. Which trophic level has the least number of organisms? Explain why.

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  1. Name; 
    • Organisms - Plants.
    • Process I - Eating/Feeding
    • Absorbed into atmosphere.
    • Respiration, excretion, faeces, unedible material.
  3. Helps to recyle nutrients into the ecosystem.
  4. Uncontrolled growth of water plants due to increased nutrients.
  5. 3rd trophic level; contains least energy;
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