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Your class is planning to carry out a field study of a river in its old stage.

  1. State three reasons why it would be necessary to pre-visit the area of study. 
  2. State the three activities you would carry out to determine why deposition occurs at this stage.

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    • Help to asses the suitability of study area.
    • Help to draw up objective/ hypothesis for the study
    • It help to prepare route map
    • It help to design a working schedule
    • It help to estimate the cost of field study.
    • Help to identify suitable data collection meeting
    • Appropriate equipment to be used during the field study.
    • Measuring out the nature of the load.
    • Finding out the amount of the load
    • Establishing the velocity of the river
    • Observing obstacles in the stream channel
    • Measuring of the width, depth of the river.
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