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Explain four measures the Government of Kenya has taken to conserve energy.

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  1. Encouraging people to use renewable sources in order to reduce the over reliance of fossil fuels.
  2. Developing energy saving technologies in order to reduce the high consumption of energy.
  3. Enforcing the legislation against indiscriminate cutting down of trees for fuel thus conserving existing resources.
  4. Educating the public on the careful use of energy in order to save it.
  5. Progress taxation on energy consumption in order to discourage the misuse of energy.
  6. Encouraging the use of public transport in order to reduce the number of vehicle on the road thus reducing energy consumption.
  7. Discouraging importation of high fuel consumption vehicle to reduce amount of fuel used.
  8. Encouraging afforestation/re-afforestation for continuous supply of wood fuel.
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