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Explain how the following physical factors influence human settlement.

  1. Relief
  2. Climate

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  1. Relief 
    • Flat areas/flood plains are sparsely settled due to poor drainage /high incidents of water borne diseases.
    • Gentle slopes / low lands are densely settled because they are conducive to agricultural /building houses /building roads.
    • Steep slopes are sparsely settled because they have thin soils making them unsuitable for farming /building roads.
    • High mountains tops are not settled because they are too cold for plant growth/human habitation.
    • Mountains areas are thinly settled because of their steep/rugged nature makes them inaccessible.
    • The leeward sides of mountains are sparsely settled because they are dry and limits agricultural activities / inadequate water supply.
    • Windward sides are densely settled because they are wet and encourage agricultural activities / plenty supple of water.
    • Some hills have dense settlement because they are safe and secure.
  2. Climate
    • Areas that receives high rainfall have dense settlements because they are conducive to a variety of agricultural activities.
    • Areas with low rainfall are sparsely settled because the climate limits economic activities.
    • Areas prone to strong wind are often not settled to avoid destruction of property by wind.
    • Some valley bottoms have more settlements because they are warmer than the high slopes of mountain.
    • Area with high / extreme temperature discourages settlement because of the unpleasant condition.
    • Low/high temperature/cool to hot conditions encourage dense settlements because they are conducive to human habitation.
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