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Explain the importance of marriage in African traditional society.

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  1. Bearing children to make life complete and meaningful.
  2. Building a family where a man and a woman unite through marriage.
  3. Marriage provides a new relationship through kingship where in – laws become kinsmen through marriage.
  4. It helps in remembrance of dead parents to maintain one’s lineage.
  5. It helps as a uniting link in life, past, present and future.
  6. There is re - incarnation and re-birth of the dead through naming after the ancestors.
  7. There is increase in human population, through bearing of children.
  8. Through marriage labour forced was provided.
  9. It gives status to an individual because after marriage one is seen as an adult.
  10. Marriage enables one to understand fully the meaning of life.
  11. It helps to develop acceptable qualities and good character.
  12. It brings companionship and caring for the one another in the family.
  13. It helps in developing parental responsibility.
  14. Through marriage one attains the expectations of the society.
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