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Explain four factors that influence distribution of natural forests.

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  1. Climate:
    • Very cold conditions discourage growth of forests especially on upper slopes of mountains. High temperature and high rainfall encourage growth of natural forests.
  2. Altitude.
    • Altitude affects temperature and rainfall low temperature results in slower growth and smaller size while high temperatures produce more luxuriant growth.
  3. Topography
    • Forests do not grow on steep mountains where the surface is bare rock, the soils are thin and temperatures are low. Windward side supports forestry while leeward side discourages forestry.
  4. Soils
    • Deep soils support greater tree growth while shallow soils do not, fertile soils support growth of trees unlike unfertile soils.
  5. Human activities
    • Illegal human activities such as deforestation, burning of charcoal discourage distribution of forests while activities like afforestation and re-afforestation encourage growth of trees.
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