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The map below shows some vegetation regions of the world. Use it to answer the questions below

  1. Name the vegetation marked H, J and K. 
  2. Describe the characteristics of the vegetation found in the area shaded and marked L.

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    • H - Coniferous forest 
    • J - tundra v K
    • K -Tropical desert
    • Trees grow close to each other/ closely packed
    • Trees form canopies/ 3 distinct layers
    • Trees have straight smooth trunks
    • Most tree species are hardwood
    • The forest trees are evergreen
    • Trees have broad leaves/ drip-tipped leaves
    • Forests have little/ no undergrowth
    • Forests consists of a variety of tree species
    • Some trees have buttress roots
    • The trees are tall
    • The forest have climbers/ epiphytes
    • Trees take long to mature
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