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Describe New castle disease under the following sub-headings.

  1. Causal organism -
  2. Animal affected  
  3. Symptoms
  4. Control measures.

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  1. Causal organism - Virus 
  2. Animal affected  - poultry
  3. Symptoms 
    • The birds have difficulties in breathing, produce a harsh, grating rasping sound when breathing
    • The beaks remain wide open and necks are strained
    • The birds become dull
    • The birds stand with eyes closed all the time
    • The birds loose appetite
    • There are nasal discharges which force the birds to shake their heads to clear it
    • Birds walk with a staggering motion since the nervous system is affected, paralysis of wings and legs may occur
    • Often the birds have their beaks and wings down
    • Birds produce watery greenish diarrhea
    • Eggs laid have soft shells
  4. Control measures. 
    • Vaccination should be done during the first six weeks and then two – three months later.
    • Farmers are advised to kill all the birds and burn them once infestation has occurred.
    • The houses be cleaned and disinfected before bringing in new stock.
    • Quarantine is imposed once an outbreak is suspected of occurred.
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