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Describe the call of Jeremiah.

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  1. Jeremiah tells of his own experience in which God spoke to him in a personal and direct way.
  2. God told him that He had consecrated and appointed him a prophet to all nations.
  3. He was hesitant and said he did not know how to speak because He was young.
  4. God told him not to fear for He would be with him to protect him.
  5. God touched Jeremiahs mouth and put words on him.
  6. Jeremiah prophetic mission would involve God’s judgment on Judah because of her sins and the later restoration of the kingdom.
  7. Jeremiah call was illustrated through following two visions.
  8. A branch of the Almond tree which symbolized that God as a King was watching over fulfillment of His word.
  9. A boiling pot tilting in the North. This symbolized that God would use a nation from north to destroy Judah.
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