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Explain eight factors considered when siting farm structures.

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  1. Location of the farmstead should be at the central position of the farm
  2. All the farm structures should be accessible
  3. All structures should be well drained
  4. Stenchy enterprises like piggery, compost pit, poultry unit, silo should be on the leeward of the homestead
  5. Structures that are related should be close to one another for the efficiency of labour
  6. Farmers tastes and preferences should be considered like sheltering the homestead or improving the panorama
  7. Amenities like water and electricity should be close to the homestead
  8. All structures should be constructed on a gently sloping piece of land
  9. Structures should be constructed on infertile land so that crops are established on fertile ground .
  10. Structures should be secure by being built close to the homestead.
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