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The graph below shows the shape of the curve obtained by a student when solid X was heated to boiling determine the melting point of solid X


  1. Determine the melting point of Solid X
  2. State and explain what proportion PQ, QR and RS represent

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  1. ​​​​​​​QR
  2. State and explain what proportion PQ, QR and RS represent.
    • PQ- Increase of temperature towards melting point. The solid X continuously absorbs heat energy in this region as it heads towards it's melting point.
    • QR- melting point. Solid x has reached its melting point and therefore the heat energy absorbed is contant in this region.
    • RS- increase of temperature to boiling point. After melting, X continuously absorbs more heat energy as it heads towards its boiling point
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100 degrees
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