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The diagram below illustration an investigation on property of soil using samples labeled J,K and L

  1. If the level of water drained into the test tubes were observed after two hours, name the property of soil being investigated 
  2. What is the relationship between this property of soil and the size of soil particles 
  3. Which soil sample will be suitable for growing paddy rice ? 
  4. Name the type of soil labeled 
    • J
    • K
    • L
  5. State three characteristics of soil J

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  1. Soil water absorption/ infiltration
  2. The bigger the soil particles, the easier it is for the soil absorb water, the smaller and closely packed the soil particles, the slower the soil absorbs water
  3. L
    • J - sand
    • K - Loam
    • L - Clay
    • Large soil particles
    • Loose soil particles
    • Poor water retension
    • Low organic matter
    • Coarse soil
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