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Explain five ways through which the Government of Kenya assists small scale sugar cane farmers.

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  • Agricultural Loans: The government provides agricultural loans to small-scale sugar cane farmers to help them finance their operations, purchase seeds, and acquire necessary equipment. This can help increase their productivity and improve their yields.
  • Training and Extension Services: The government offers training and extension services to farmers to help them adopt new farming practices and technologies. These services provide farmers with the knowledge and skills they need to improve their crop production and increase their profitability.
  • Input Subsidies: The government provides input subsidies to small-scale sugar cane farmers to help lower their production costs. This can include subsidies on fertilizers, pesticides, and other inputs that are critical to crop production.
  • Market Access: The government works to provide small-scale sugar cane farmers with access to markets for their products. This includes connecting farmers with processors and buyers and helping them negotiate fair prices for their crops.
  • Infrastructure Development: The government invests in infrastructure development to improve the conditions for small-scale sugar cane farmers. This can include building roads, irrigation systems, and storage facilities, which can make it easier for farmers to transport their crops and store them safely.

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Managing of local sugar factories . 
Farmers are able to receive selected seeds
Availing of fertilisers

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