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Why did man change from hunting and gathering to agriculture?

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  • The increase of human population needed regular food supply -natural environment could no longer provide sufficient food.
  • Climatic changes-increased drought, threatened plant life and animal life making natural food scarce.
  • Competition for existing food in the natural resulted in inadequate wild food/over hunting of animals.
  • Hunting and gathering was increasingly becoming tiresome.
  • Calamities such as forest fires or floods sometimes destroyed vegetation or drove wild animals away.
  • Development of settled life. Man had to stop a life of movement in search of food and water.
  • Development of tools (microliths) e.g. sickles wooden plough, etc.
  • Availability of varieties of indigenous crops e.g. wheat and barley.
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1. Steady supply of food
2.dog gave man companionship and security
3.bone were used to make ornament and needle
4. Due to an increase in human population the environment could not provide adequate food 
5.hunting and gathering had become an EMT nsecure source of food as man would occasionally return empty handed.
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