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Describe the main theories of the origin of man

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The Creation Theory

The Jews, Christians and Muslims recognize the creation story as narrated in the first book of bible and in Qur’an. That the whole universe was created by God. That God also created man, woman and all living things and all non-living creatures. Man was created in God’s own image and woman created to provide man with companionship.

The Mythical Theory

Among African communities, there are myths about their origin all of them pointing to the fact that the first man was created by God.


Among the Agikuyu, their God (Ngai) created the first man, Gikuyu. He then provided him with a wife, Mumbi. He gave him land at Mugurwe wa Gathanga.

One of the myths among the Nandi state that the first two people, male and female came from the knees of a giant man, when the knees began swelling and later burst for the two to come out from each of the either knees.

The Evolution Theory

Charles Darwin, an English man living between 1809 and 1882 questioned the acceptance of the creation theory. Through scientific expedition to South America and the pacific islands in 1831, he developed interest in fossils (remains of plants and animals found beneath the earth’s surface.) in 1859; he published his ideas in a book titled The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. The ideas enlisted instant battles from the Christian fraternity save for one supporter, Huxley.

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Evaluation theory
Creation theory
Mythical theory
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Evolution theory

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Evolution ,mythical,creational
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Evolution theory, mythical theory, creation theory 
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. Evolution theory 
. Mythical theory 
. Creation theory 

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