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Describe the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem under the leadership of Nehemiah.
(Nehemiah 12: 27-47)

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  • Nehemiah summoned the Levites/priests/political leaders to come to Jerusalem to give thanks to God.
  • The sons of the singers gathered around Jerusalem/they sang/praise using musical instruments.
  • The Levites/priests purified themselves.
  • The gates/wall were purified.
  • Nehemiah brought the princes/ princesses of Judah
  • appointed two great groups which went in two processions.
  • One group, led by Ezra the scribe, went to the right while the other group, led by Nehemiah, went to the left. They then converged in the house of God.
  • The people led by the priests offered sacrifices of dedication to God.
  • Women & children rejoiced/was a moment of great joy.
  • Nehemiah then chose people who would ensure that the contributions/tithes/offerings were handled well.
  • A service of purification was performed.

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