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How does faulting influence the development of a drainage basin

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  • When faulting occurs across a river valley, vertical displacement of land may occur.
  • When faulting occurs across a river valley,it may cause the river to disappear into the ground through a fault line.
  • Faulting may lead to the formation of escarpments with springs forming at the base due to exposure of the water table.
  • If rift faulting occurs in an enclosed area, a basin may be formed. When rivers flow into a the basin, a lake may be formed. This basin may become an area of inland drainage.
  • Uplifting of land which follows faulting may block a river. This may cause it to reverse or change its direction of flow.
  • Some rivers may end up flowing along fault lines,thus forming a fault-guided drainage pattern.
  • Faulting causes depressions which may be filled with water to form rift valley lakes.
  • Faulting causes fault-guided drainage pattern.
  • Faulting causes oozing of water to form springs.
  • Faulting causes cracks/fault lines which may cause rivers to disappear underground.
  • Faulting may cause rivers to change their direction of flow/reversed drainage.
  • Vertical faulting across a river may cause a waterfall.
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