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State the role of elders in traditional African communities.

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  • Elders are custodians of traditions/customs/teach the history of the community.
  • They make laws in the community 
  • They settle disputes in the community. 
  • They fix dates for community rituals/ceremonies.
  • Elders preside over the distribution of property/ inheritance
  • They negotiate for peace with other communities.
  • They advise the members of the community on the steps to take during the times of difficulties/calamities/ceremonies
  • They are in charge/preside over the community rituals/ceremonies.
  • They teach the youths on their responsibilities/duties in the community.
  • They reprimand/punish the wrongdoers/law offenders.
  • They act as spokesmen of their community.
  • They mediate between God, Spirits, ancestors and people
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Settling disputes
Dividing land
Conducting ceremonies
Uniting the community
Teaching role models
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