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Creation - Class 6 CRE Revision Notes

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  1. Creation is making something out of nothing
  2. God completed creation work in 6 days
  3. On 6th day he created human beings.

The Creation Of Man

  1. God took soil and molded man from it.
  2. God breathed his breath into Adams nostrils
  3. The trinity took part in creating man. “let us create human beings to resemble us” Genesis 1:26-28
  4. Eve was formed from Adam’s ribs. Created to be a companion to Adam.
  5. Both were special because they were created in the image and likeness of God.
  6. God created them male and female; by this he ordained/blessed marriage.

Man is special because:-

  1. Made in the image and likeness of God.
  2. Can communicate to God on behalf of other creations.
  3. He was given authority over God’s creation
  4. Molded or formed unlike the rest of God’s creation
  5. He was given responsibility to care for God’s creation.
  6. He was to share God’s life by obeying his commands e.g.
    • Have many children
    • Do not eat…

Authority given to man

  1. Control the rest of God’s creation
  2. Use and conserve environment responsibly.
  3. Use God’s creation for food.
  4. _______________________
  5. _______________________ 
  6. _______________________

Fall of Man {Genesis 3}

  • God commanded man to eat fruits from all trees except from the tree of knowledge of good and evil at the middle of the Garden of Eden.
  • God told them that they will die if they ate a fruit from it.
  • They disobeyed and ate.
  • Cause of sin of disobedience
    Serpent>eve> Adam
  • Consequences of sin of disobedience
    1. Adam ____________________
    2. Eve ______________________
    3. Snake ____________________
      Both Adam and eve were chased from the garden of Eden.


  • Sin separates God and man.
  • Qn: What did god do to prevent man from going back to Eden? [refer primary C.R.E 6
    PAGE 1-8

Traditional African Creation Stories

  1. Every community has a traditional story of creation.
  2. Creation stories tell people’s origin.
  3. In all creation stories God is the ultimate creator.
  4. Different communities have different names of God depending on God’s nature and character.
    Qn : name five communities and the name of their God.

Agikuyu Creation Story

  1. God called Ngai {one who distributes}
  2. God’s dwelling place is Mt. Kirinyaga {Mt. Kenya}
  3. First man called ‘gikuyu’ and first woman ‘mumbi’
  4. God blessed them with nine daughters{origin of kikuyu 9 clans}
  5. Gikuyu prayed to God who provided sons to marry the daughters.
  6. God placed Gikuyu and Mumbi at Mukurwe-wa-nyagathanga.

The Bukusu Creation Story{luhya community}

  • God called Were Khakaba {giver of all things}
  • Were created the universe alone in two days.
  • He started by creating his dwelling place- Mt. Elgon.
  • His two assistants were Mukhobe and Muramwa.
  • First man called mwambu and wife Sela. He placed them at Mt. Elgon {Mt. Masaba}

The Nandi Creation Story

  • God called Asis
  • First man and woman from a swollen knee. Knee belonged to a creature which looked like man.
    Qn: can you recall creation stories from any African Community?

Similarities between African Creation Stories and Biblical Creation Stories.

  1. God is the creator of the universe.
  2. God created everything in an orderly way.
  3. Man is God’s special creature.
  4. God at first created male and female.
  5. The first man and woman became first parents.
  6. ___________________________
  7. ___________________________
  8. ___________________________

How We Respond to God’s Creation

God’s creation shows God’s power, greatness and love towards man

  1. Caring for God’s creation
  2. Caring for the environment.
  3. Respect God’s creation
  4. Value and give equal importance to all God’s creation.
  5. Preserve God’s creation
  6. ___________________
  7. ___________________
  8. ___________________

Topical questions

  1. Quick reading std 6 pg 4-5, 1-10
  2. Spotlight CRE 6 pg 4-6
  3. Primary CRE 6 pg 8-9

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