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The Hope of the World - Class 6 CRE Revision Notes

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Our Hope After Primary School

  • Hope is a strong desire or expectation that something will happen or true.
  • People have hopes about different things at different times.
  • Hope gives meaning to life
  • Examples of things one can hope for:-
    1. Getting a good job
    2. Getting married.
    3. Getting children
    4. Joining university.
    5. Start a business and travel across the world.
  • Hopes that are realized in future are called distant hopes.
    • Rights and Privileges of an Adult in Kenya
    • Biblical Approach

Biblical Approach {Romans 8:23-25,28}

  • Paul tells us that the whole of God’s creation expects His salvation. We should
    patiently hope for good things in life.


  1. _________________ should accompany hope in order to have salvation.
  2. A person without hope is called?
  3. The book of Romans was written by?
  4. List FOUR things one can hope for in life.
  5. Which are the two main types of hopes?

Our Hopes for Future Adult Life

  • An adult is a grown up person who in most cases is independent.
  • An adult has to be over 18 years of age according to Kenyan Law.

Rights and Privileges of an Adult in Kenya

  • Acquire a national identification card[ID}
  • Seek employment.
  • Getting married.
  • Running business
  • Joining church ministry
  • ___________________
  • ___________________

Biblical Approach

Psalms 138:7-8

  • God keeps his promises and his love is everlasting.

Jeremiah 29:10-14

  • God knows the pans he has for us.

1 Corinthians 13:9-13

  • God wants us to proper in all ways.
  • Spiritual growth enables us to understand the plans of God.


  1. Having good feelings about good things that will happen to us is called?
  2. Who will receive eternal life?
  3. The greatest hope that a committed Christian should have is?
  4. Who is an adult according to the Kenyan law?
  5. Write the authors of the following books
    1. Psalms __________________
    2. Jeremiah __________________
    3. Corinthians___________________
  6. Name the prophet who prophesied about the new covenant.

How we Overcome Disappointments {1 Corinthians 13:9-13}

  • Disappointment- a feeling of sadness because something has not happened as you
    hoped for.
  • Disappointment happens as a result of broken hopes

Ways of Overcoming Disappointments

  1. Setting achievable goals
  2. Being focused on strengths
  3. Developing a positive attitude towards everything we do.
  4. Being prayerful.
  5. Trusting in God in all our undertakings.
  6. Being hardworking.
  7. Accept situation we cannot change.

Results of Disappointments

  • Feeling unhappy
  • Feeling discouraged
  • Feeling frustrated.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Loss of appetite.


  1. Disappointment is the _______________________
  2. The leper who said ‘thank you’ was a _____________________
  3. List three things we can do to avoid disappointment
  4. List two results of disappointment to a human being

What the Church Hopes for

  • Church – it refers to a congregation of believers/worshippers.
  •  A person who believes and follows Jesus Christ is called a Christian.
  • Christians hope for:-
    1. The second coming of Jesus
    2. Peace and unity in the world.
    3. Salvation of yet non-believers by Christ.
    4. Good deeds.
    5. Eternal life with Christ.
  • New life in Christ is characterized by
    1. A holy life
    2. Preaching
    3. Teaching the good news.
    4. Singing.
  • Christians can achieve their hopes through:-
    1. Praying to God
    2. Reading the bible
    3. Going to church and worshipping.
    4. Confession that Jesus is our savior.


  1. Name two beliefs for Christians
  2. Disciples of Jesus were first referred to as ‘Christians’ in a town called?
  3. Jesus ascended to heaven from the town of?
  4. Name the helper that Jesus promised His disciples.
  5. Name four things that the church hopes for.

The Wisemen Hope for the King

  • Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea
  • Prophet Micah prophesied that the messiah would be born in Bethlehem
  • Wisemen studied a unique star.
  • The star first led them to Herod’s palace- the then king of Judea.
  • Jesus was the hope of the whole world, so God protected him from being killed by King Herod.
  • The wisemen brought the following to the baby Jesus:-
    1. Gold
    2. Frankincence
    3. Myrrh
  • Jesus was brought up {grew} in Nazareth.


  1. Name three gifts that the Wisemen brought to baby Jesus.
  2. The name Jesus means?
  3. Which King was the ancestor of Jesus?
  4. ______________________ is known to be the city of David.
  5. The Wisemen came from the?
  6. Prophet __________________ foretold the birth of Jesus.
  7. Prophet __________________ prophesied about the killing of babies by Herod soldiers.

A Sure Hope for Human Kind {Mathew 1:18-22, Romans 5:12, John 17:25-26}

  • Mary was a virgin Jewish lady and had an engagement with Joseph- a descendant of David.
  • Mary conceived through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • The message was taken to Mary by Angel Gabriel.
  • Prophet Isaiah refers to the baby as Emmanuel- meaning God with us
  • The gentiles were to put their hopes in him.
  • When Jesus was presented to the temple, a man called Simeon was moved by the Holy Spirit and spoke good about the baby Jesus.


  1. Who was the earthly father of Jesus?
  2. Give four titles used by prophet Isaiah to describe Emmanuel
  3. Who wanted to kill baby Jesus?
  4. The wisemen were guided by a?
  5. Jesus was a revelation and salvation for the __________________ who were not Israelites.
  6. Name 3 occasions Jesus encountered with the gentiles.

Our Ambitions in Life {Micah 6:6-8}

  • An ambition is a determination to be successful in a certain area.
  • Some of the ambitions include
    1. Being a doctor
    2. Being a pilot
    3. Being a teacher
  • Prophet Micah teaches that we should worship God in a just way.
    Just- being fair in the way we treat others
  • God expects us to be:-
    1. Just
    2. Loving and caring to everybody
    3. Humble
    4. Prayerful.


  1. What did Simeon, a man full of the Holy Spirit, foretell about what Jesus would do to the gentiles?
  2. Name three purposes God has for your life

Jesus Christ Hope of Eternal Life

  • Eternal life- life with a beginning but has no end.
  • Eternal life is also called everlasting life
  • Eternal life starts on earth when one repents his/her sins and gets baptized.

The origin of death

  • Adam and eve disobeyed God.
  • The sin of disobedience separated people from God and God pronounced death as one of the punishment on man.

Christians view of death

  • Death does not mark the end of life of a Christian believer.
  • John 3:16 says God sent His son Jesus Christ so that however believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.


  1. Eternal life is also called?
  2. When does eternal Life begin?
  3. Initiation in Christianity is equivalent to _________________ in African Traditional Religion
  4. The tree that man ate from is known as the tree of?
  5. Apart from death, state other punishments God gave to
    1. Snake
    2. Eve
    3. Adam

How Eternal Life is Received

  • Death came by means of a man called Adam and resurrection will come through Jesus Christ.
  • When the body is buried it is immortal or perishable but when raised it is immortal or imperishable.
  • Jesus died and was buried.
  • He rose from the dead after 3 days with a spiritual body.
  • On the last day, the living will receive the spiritual bodies that will join Jesus in the clouds.


  1. State 3 women who were first to see the resurrected Jesus
  2. Jesus resurrected on _________________
  3. _________________ offered a tomb to bury the body of Jesus.
  4. Name the seven deacons

Life After Death {John 14:1-30}

  • In the ATR{ African traditional religion} people believe in life after death, so does Christians.
  • In ATR children are named after the dead as a show of honor
  • The dead are involved in rituals such as circumcision
  • Christians bury the dead and wait for the day of resurrection
  • We should not be afraid of death but respect God and love so as to inherit the kingdom of God.


  1. State the common belief among the ATS and Christians. Both believe in ___________________
  2. What is the significance of bloodshed during circumcision?
  3. Naming children is very important in ATS. Name four ways of naming the children in ATS
  4. “Go wash your face in the pool of Siloam”. Siloam means? ________________ {Luke 9:1-12}
  5. Give the meaning of the following names:
    1. Emmanuel
    2. Isaac
    3. Jacob
    4. Jesus
    5. Rabbi

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