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Kenyan Folk Dances - Music CBC Grade 6 Notes

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Kenyan Folk Dances

  • Dancing is the response to music by moving appropriate body parts as shoulders, head, waist, legs and hands.
  • Folk means people
  • Folk dances are performed to mark events in the society such as harvesting, initiation marriage, funeral and birth

Components Of A Folk Dance

  1. Songs
  2. Message
  3. Body movements
  4. Formations
  5. Instruments
  6. Costumes
  7. Body adornments
  8. Ornaments
  9. props

Social Benefits Of Folk Dances

  • Help people have knowledge respect and value their traditions and customs
  • Help people learn about each other’s culture
  • Promote peace unity and respect among Kenyans communities
  • Help people come together and make friends as they get entertained
  • They help individuals to express themselves as they play different roles in a folk song
  • Engaging folk dances people use their leisure time positively. This prevents them from engaging in bad habits such as drug abuse and idleness.

Economic Benefits Of Folk Dances

  • Help our county earn foreign exchange through the tourist who visit the county to watch folk dances and see wild animals
  • Some people earn living by performance folk dances and working in cultural centres
  •  It is a source of self-employment to people who have talents in performing folk dances

Appreciation Of Kenyan Folk Dance

 Ribina  Kisii Chinchingiri -shakers
Ekonu drum
Old men and women      
 Risanga  Kisii  obokano During communal work
Eg weeding
Men and women      
 Ramogi  Luo Abu,
bull drums
 entertainment  Boys and girls      
 Owalo  Luo  drums   entertainment  Married women    circular  Sisal skirts
 Otenga  Luo  nyatiti    Men and women  Chest and shoulders are moved    
 Ibirandi  Kuria  egetono  Wedding ceremony  Elders, boys and girls      


 Luo  Drum
Gara-leg rattles
Horn - oporo
 Burial ceremony
for entertainment
 Young men  Shaking of waist, arms and shoulders  Circular around horn blower  Sisal skirt
 Entabanana  Kisii  Obokano
Drum - ekoro
 entertainment  Both men and women  Shaking of shoulders,
 circular  Sisal skirt
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