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The Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ - CRE CBC Grade 7 Notes

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Background To The Birth Of Jesus Christ

Prophecies About The Coming Of Jesus Christ

  • The coming of Jesus Christ was predicted by many prophets such as Isaiah and Jeremiah.
  • A prophecy is a prediction of what will happen in the future.
  • It is declared by a prophet who is inspired by the spirit of God.
  • Prophets communicate God’s message, condemns evils in the society, give hope to people, anoint kings and teach people the ways of God

Isaiah’s prophecy about the coming of Jesus Christ

Isaiah 9:6-7

Isaiah prophesied that

  • The messiah shall be called
    1. Wonderful counsellor
    2. Mighty God
    3. Eternal father
    4. Prince of peace
  • The messiah shall sit upon the throne of David and shall rule with justice and righteousness forever

Jeremiah prophecy about the coming of Jesus Christ

Jeremiah 23:5-6

Jeremiah prophesied that

  • The messiah would be a righteous king from the house of David
  • The messiah shall execute justice and righteous in the land
  • He shall guarantee security and safety in the land of Israel.
  • He shall be called “the lord of righteousness”
  • He would bring salvation upon Judah
  • He would reign as a king
  • He would rule wisely

Fulfilment of the Old Testament prophecies about the coming of Jesus Christ

Mathew 1:18-23, Jeremiah 23:5-6, Isaiah 9:6-7

 Old testament prophecies   How they were fulfilled  
 The Messiah would be a descendant of David   Jesus established an everlasting kingdom of God 
 He would bring salvation upon Judah  Mary conceived as a virgin
 The messiah would rule on the throne of David forever   Joseph, the father of Jesus was descendant of king David 
 A virgin will become pregnant and have a son and He will be called Immanuel   Jesus brought salvation to the whole world


The annunciation and the birth of John the Baptist

Luke 1:5-25

  • To announce means to make known.
  • The old testaments said that John the Baptist was to prepare the way for the Messiah.
  • Angel Gabriel announced the birth of John the Baptist during the reign of king Herod.
  • Angel Gabriel appeared to Zechariah, who was a priest in the temple.
  • Both Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth were advanced in age and did not have children , Elizabeth was barren.
  • Zechariah, the priest was burning incense at the temple when Angel Gabriel appeared to him
  • The angel told him that his wife Elizabeth would bear him a son. His name would be John.
  • The angel said the following about the child that would be born
    1. The child would bring joy and gladness to many
    2. He will be great before the Lord
    3. He will not drink wine or strong drink
    4. He will be filled with the Holy Spirit
    5. He will bring back many of the people of Israel to the lord their God
    6. He would be source of joy to his parents
    7. He will go ahead of the lord strong and mighty
    8. He will prepare people for the Lord
  • Zechariah, due to his old age, could not believe the Angel’s message. The angel told him that he would be dump until all was fulfilled. His wife conceived after five months.

Relating the Birth of John the Baptist to the coming of Jesus Christ

Luke 3:16, John 1:29-30  

  • Jesus was the son of God whom John the Baptist had come to prepare the way for.
  • John the Baptist introduced Jesus as the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.
  • John acknowledged Jesus as one before him
  • Jesus was greater than John the Baptist
 John the Baptist    Jesus Christ 
 John baptized people with water but said Jesus would be greater   Jesus Christ was greater than John the Baptist 
 John introduced Jesus as the lamb of God  Jesus Christ came to where John was batising as the lamb of God 
 John said Jesus came to forgive sins  Jesus Christ came to forgive sins
 John baptized people with water  Jesus Christ would baptize people with the holy spirit and fire


How Christians apply the message of John the Baptist

 Teaching   How Christians apply the teaching 
 The warning of people on God’s punishment   Christians repent their sins
 Urging people to repent their sins  
 Share clothes and food with the needy  
 Do not collect more tax then what is allowed by the law   
 Do not take money from any one by force  
 Do not accuse anyone falsely  
 Be happy with whatever amount of money you are paid   


Skills that Christians need to avoid evils condemned by John the Baptist

  1. Creative thinking
    • Enables one to have ideas on how to avoid evil
  2. Critical thinking
    • Enables one to make an informed judgement not to commit sin
  3. Decision making
    • Helps us to make moral decisions that are appropriate
  4. Self esteem
    • Have a feeling of self worth
  5. Assertiveness
    • Express one’s actions with confidence

Appreciating the fulfilment of the Old TESTAMENT Prophecies

Pupil’s activity

Page 86-87

The Birth And Childhood Of Jesus Christ

Events that took place during the annunciation and the birth of Jesus Christ

Luke 1:26-38

  • An event is something that takes place and it is of importance.
  • The annunciation of the birth of Jesus Christ was important
  • During the sixth month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy . angel Gabriel was sent to a virgin woman named Mary, who was engaged to Joseph, a descendant of King David.
  • Mary was troubled and he (the angel) told her not to be afraid for she had found favour in the Lord
  • The angel announced the following concerning Jesus to mary
    1. He shall bear a son
    2. He shall be called Jesus
    3. He will be great
    4. He will be called the son of the Most High God.
    5. He will rule over the house of Jacob forever.
    6. The Lord would give Him the throne of his Father, David
    7. His kingdom would last forever
    8. He will be conceived through the power of the Holy Spirit

Events that took place during the Birth of Jesus Christ

Luke 2:1-20

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