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Describe the process of compilation of the Quran

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1.All the chapters of the quran were already written down by the time prophet died. 
2.The quran was recorded with different writing material thus helped in compilation. 
3.Most of the swahabas who had memorized the the quran acted as the major refrence during compilation. 
4.Muslims had continuously recited the quran and thus mastered it.
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During the time of the prophet the Quran was recorded into different material 
The time of caliph abubakar the Quran had a concern that will dissappear or be change into various reasons 
The advice of caliph Umar bin khattab it was decided that it will be a wise to be compile the Quran
After the consultation of caliph abubakar appointed  a committee led by Zaid bin thabit who was the chief scribe of the prophet(pbuh) to undertake the noble exercise
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