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Why did mankind need the revelation of the Quran?

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  • Previously revealed books had been corrupted/interpulated/fabricated
  • Some of the revealed scriptures were completely lost
  • Human intellect was not enough to guide mankind to the right path of Allah
  • To address the prevailing moral, social, spiritual and economic degeneration
  • To confirm the authenticity of Prophet (p.b.u.h) and Islam/symbols of Islam
  • In order to give new knowledge that matched the advancement and progress of human society
  • To improve and better earlier revealed legislations, with a view of bringing ease to humanity
  • To bring humanity under one universal code of guidance, given that the previous scriptures were for specific nations
  • To serve as the final and complete guidance of Allah to humanity
  • To confirm Allah’s messages previously sent to other prophets, as a way of showing the continuity of divine revelation
  • To serve as a criterion between right and wrong
  • The Quran serves as mercy to humanity
  • To serve as a reminder of people’s responsibilities and duties to Allah and warn them against disobeying the commandments of Allah (Q 6:19)
  • To give knowledge of the hidden world e.g. God, Angel, Day of judgement, paradise and hell.

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