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What was the nature of Canaanite religion?

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It was cyclonic
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  • Polytheistic. They worshipped many gods. The Israelites religion was monotheistic. They worshipped Yahweh and no other God. They abandoned their religion and worshipped many gods like Canaanite. This influenced the Israelites.
  • A nature religion. The gods were related with the forces of nature such as rain, sun, storms, drought, famine, wind, water and death.
  • Ensured continued fertility of land, people, animals
  • Based on many families of gods. There wasEL – Chief god – who was their father, king, creatorAsherah – wife of El – the goddess of motherhood and fertility, Baal – also referred to as Baal Hadad, son of El and Asherah – the god of rain, agricultural fertility, storms Astarte – wife of Baal -the goddess of war Anat – sister of Baal – the goddess of war and love Maat – the goddess of love Mot – most feared. The god of drought, famine and death
  • Free and temple of prostitution. Israelites turned to temple prostitution. Women who wanted to increase vitality of their husbands had sexual relations with the male priests in the Baal temples.
  • Had many places of worship. One could pray in the temple, under sacred trees, and on top of the hills among others.
  • Based on offerings and sacrifices of human beings.
  • Religious Schism between Judah and Israel
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