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Identify the activities showing that Christians are a royal priesthood 

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  1. Worship: Christians gather regularly for corporate worship to praise and honor God.
  2. Prayer: Christians engage in personal and communal prayer, seeking to deepen their relationship with God and intercede for others.
  3. Service: Christians use their talents, resources, and time to serve others, both within and outside of the church.
  4. Evangelism: Christians share their faith with others and seek to bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  5. Discipleship: Christians seek to grow in their faith and mature as disciples of Jesus Christ through Bible study, accountability, and other means.
  6. Giving: Christians give generously to support the work of the church and to help those in need.
  7. Fellowship: Christians build relationships with one another, encouraging one another and supporting one another in their faith journey.

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