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What is the significance of Lord's supper to Christians today?

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  • Through it, they remember the death of Jesus as a sacrifice for the forgiveness of sin.
  • The ceremony is a form of tanking for god’s love/redemption plan
  • It is time that Christians reaffirm/renew their faith tin God/bind themselves in the covenant
  • It gives Christians an opportunity to repent/ask for forgiveness of sin
  • It unites the believers/they fellowship/share with one another
  • The partakers experience the presence of God through the sharing of the bread and wine which represent his body and blood respectively
  • It is a sign of obedience to Christ who commanded the disciples to do it in his memory
  • Through the Christians participate the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ
  • It is a foretaste of the heavily banquet/heavenly feast which Jesus promised his disciples.
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