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Identify problems experienced by Moses as he led the Israelites during the Exodus

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  • Lack of water for the Israelites
  • Lack of food for the Israelites
  • Complains/ grumbling by the Israelites/ refuse to listen to Moses
  • Warring tribes in the desert
  • Settling of disputes among the people
  • Traveling in hostile/ harsh climate conditions/ terrain
  • Lack of faith from the people/ worship of the golden calf
  • Rebellion/ opposition from his family
  • Threat from the Egyptian army
  • Bites from snakes
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1.They were complaining
2.They were attacked by snakes in the wilderness
3.Constant battles
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1.Attack by the Amalekites.
2.Lack of water.
3.Lack of food.
4.Rebellion among the people.
5.Rejection from the people 
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