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Seven stages of Bible translation

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  1. The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew and a few parts in Aramaic
    • The original (70) translators (Septuaginta) did the first translation of the Bible from the original Hebrew into Greek.
    • This translation was known as the Septuagint.
  2. The second translation around 4th Century was spearheaded by a Christian scholar called Jerome.
    • This translation was called vulgate.
    • The translation was used up until the 16th century
  3. In the 16th Century; after the reformation (Religious changes in Europe by Protestants who wanted to break apart from catholic teachings), many countries translated the Bible into their own languages e.g.
    • Translation of the Bible into English (King James Version).
    • Translation of the Bible into German (by Martin Luther).
  4. During the missionary era, the Bible had to be translated into the languages of people being evangelized.
    • The British and Foreign Bible Society was founded in 1804 to coordinate all the translation functions.
  5. In East Africa, Johann Ludwig Krapf translated the New Testament into Kiswahili.
  6. The first translation of the complete Bible into some African language in East Africa was into Luganda in 1896
  7. In Kenya, the Bible has been translated into the following African languages;
    • ​Kikuyu – 1951.
    • Kamba – 1956.
    • Dholuo – 1963.
    • Kalenjin – 1968.
    • Luhya   - 1957.
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The old testament was translated first to Greek by 70 schorlars who created a version known as Septuagint.
 A scholar named Jerome translated the whole bible to Latin. 
William Tyndale then translated the bible to English.
It was then translated to European languages during the reformation period.
Ludwig Krapf then translated to Kiswahili.
The process is still ongoing by the bible society of Kenya

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1.the old testament was originally written in hebrews 
2.the new testament was written in Greek
3.the old testament was translated to greek by 70schorlars known as Septugiant
4.the entire bible was translated into latin by st. Jerom process known as vulgate
5.then it was translated into English and German by European powers
6.then the bible was translated into kiswahili by Ludwig Kraft and later the bible society of Kenya translated into local languages

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