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Outline the effects of the translation of the Bible into African languages.

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  • The scriptures have been written in languages that Africans can understand.
  • It has enabled further spread of Christianity/has led to more converts.
  • It led to rise of African Independent Churches/schools
  • It led to development of reading/writing/formal education Literacy
  • It led to establishment of printing press to meet more demands of the Bible/Publishing houses
  • It led to the establishment of Bible societies to translate the Bible into more local languages.
  • It has led to further research into African religious heritage/Practice
  • It has created jobs/employment in the printing firms/publishing firms
  • It led to Africans identifying with Christianity. 
  • It led to development of African/local languages
  • It has promoted ecumenical movements among Christians.
  • It made Africans to demand for leadership roles in the church. 
  • It has led to division in the the church due to distant/different interpretation of the scriptures

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