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Explain seven conditions to be fulfilled before going for Hajj.

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  • Should ensure that the expenses to be spent on Hajj are from lawful sources.
  • Must ensure that he/she has cleared all debts/must be free from debts.
  • Must make sure that he/she leaves behind enough money for the family expenses,
  • Should ensure that he/she has enough resources/means/money to undertake the Hajj.
  • A woman should be accompanied by a Mahram.
  • One should be sane/of sound mind.
  • One must be a free person.
  • Should bid farewell to relatives and friends.
  • Ensure that the way/route to Makkah/Hajj is safe.
  • Should have the knowledge of the performance of Hajj the rituals and regulations.
  • Should seek for forgiveness from those he/she has wronged.
  • Pilgrims should be mature and physically fit.
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One should be a sane 
To make a niyyah
One Should be a free person 
One Should pay all the debts 
The way to hajj Should be safe 

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