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outline African understanding of God

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  1.  God is the creator: for he created the living and non-living. He created all from nothing.
  2.  God is all-powerful: He is the one who makes all and he has the power and strength over all things. (Omnipotent).
  3. God is all knowing: (Omniscient). This means that nothing can be hidden from God.
  4.  God is good: All that He created is.
  5. God is Merciful: loving and just.
  6. God is holy: God does not make mistake and fail in any way.
  7. God is transcendent: (He is beyond human understanding; people rarely have physical representation of God).
  8. God is all seeing: people believe that He has eyes that see everywhere.
  9. God is omnipresent: for He is ever present in the world at the same time.
  10. God is spirit. He is believed to be in the spirit form and invisible but His presence can be felt.
  11. God is everlasting (eternal). He was there at the beginning and he will be there to the end. He’s the same today, yesterday and tomorrow.
  12. God is the provider for he provides man with all that man needs to sustain e.g. Bukusu called him Were Khakaba meaning the provider.
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1.God is supreme
2.God is the creator
3.God is the provider
4.God is omnipresent
5.God is merciful
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