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How did the prophets of Allah facilitate divine guidance to their communities?

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  • Some were given revelation (hooks) which they passed on to the people.
  • They led exemplary lives for others to emulate/role models.
  • Preaching/teaching what was revealed to them.
  • Some had groups of companions whom they taught and sent out to teach/preach.
  • Some established places of worship.
  • Condemned sin in society and called people to return to the right path.
  • Stood up against evil.
  • Condemned idol worship
  • Called people to the worship of Allah and Allah alone.
  • Through counselling and guidance on matters of faith..
  • They put up with hardships (persecutions) for the sake of Allah.
  • By remaining faithful to Allah and committed/devoted to their calling/mission/work.
  • Taught fear and obedience to Allah by abstaining from all that He has forbidden.
  • Brought the message of reward for those who obey Allah and punishment in hell fire for those who disobey Him.
  • Some-sent emissaries to take Allah’s message-to distant lands/rulers.
  • Some left wasiyya advising their people to remain faithful to Allah.
  • Most were give miracles which facilitated preaching of the message.
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