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Outline seven results of the contact between Arab settlers and the Indigenous people of the East Coast of Africa before the Nineteenth Century.

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  1. It led to the spread of Islam at the East Coast of Africa.
  2. There was intermarriage between Arab settlers and the local inhabitants.
  3. Muslims city states flourished with trade and other activities.
  4. It led to the enrichment of Kiswahili language which had a heavy borrowing from Arabic language.
  5. Islamic culture was adopted as a way of life for the Coastal people i.e. mode of dressing, eating etc.
  6. They constructed places of worship i.e. mosques and learning centres i.e. Madrasas.
  7. Islamic education was introduced.
  8. Arabic and Persian architecture were introduced as a result of this contact.
  9. It led to the introduction of Arabic literacy which helped in the writing of (X) Swahili language using the ajamy form of writing.
  10. It led to the introduction of religion specialists such as Imams, Kadhis, etc.
  11. It led to the introduction of new forms of religious ceremonies e.g. Nikah, Maulid, etc.
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