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Discuss the role played by Nabongo Mumia in the spread of Islam in Western Kenya.

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  1. he welcomed trade caravans and allowed them to settle in his area to trade and spread Islam.
  2. he embraced Islam and through him his people including 3 brothers embraced Islam
  3. allowed his people to inter marry with the Muslim traders which led to further spreading of Islam.
  4. allowed the Muslims to propagate Islam in Western Kenya e.g. Shariff Hassan sent Muslims to different areas of Western Kenya and parts of Uganda to preach Islam.
  5. supported the Asian Muslims who reached Western Kenya in the propagation of Islam.
  6. He set aside special quarters for Muslims to stay while in his kingdom and catered for their basic necessities. This created a conducive environment for Muslims to interact with the locals paving way for the propagation of Islam.
  7. Muslim coastal traders were accorded status of brotherhood by Nabongo as a result of the help they gave him to fight off his enemies thus cementing the fraternal relations between the Muslims and the local inhabitants.
  8. The friendly relations between Nabongo Mumia and the earlier Muslim traders encouraged more Muslim traders and missionaries to propagate Islam to other parts of Western Kenya e.g. Gaziti was sent to Kakamega and Mwinyi Akida to Kisumu.
  9. Nabongo’s closest associates and advisors upon conversion to Islam were instrumental in the conversion of more indigenous people to Islam.
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