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Outline seven contributions of Hassan Al-Banna to Islam.

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  1. Contribution to the development of Sufism by becoming a Sufi himself.
  2. He was constantly opposed to the Muhtazilities and Shia belief as they were misleading.
  3. Encouraged Muslims to follow the Islamic culture.
  4. He was a scholar of fiqh, philosophy, science and logic and was a professor of Islamic theology.
  5. People sought for his advice on matters of religion because of his vast knowledge.
  6. Through his views and reforms he tried to change the bad conditions of the society through Islam.
  7. He strongly discouraged Muslims from imitating the west with its materials ideology which separates religion from the state.
  8. Encourages Muslims brotherhood and following of the Quran and hadith so as to establish an Islamic system of government.
  9. Advocated for total rejections of the west and denounced Muslim intellectuals of the government for their dependence on the west.
  10. Advocated for reform and modernization through Islamic principles and values.
  11. Emphasized on unity of Muslims.
  12. Produced many publications on social, religious and political issues affecting Muslims e.g. a daily paper known as ‘Ikhwan-ul-Muslimun’ a booklet “what is our message?”
  13. Dedicated himself to being a counselor and teachers to adults and children to teach them the objectives of religion and sources of their well being and happiness in life.
  14. Used the mass media to serve Islam and created awareness among Muslims.
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