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To explain to them about the kingdom of God.                                                            To have companions.                                  To witness his saving acts.                         It symbolized the construction of the  twelve tribes of Israel.                                 To prepare them for their mission after his death. 
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To form his followers
Disciples were to witness the good news
Disciples were to be his companions during his public ministry so that he could share with them the secret of heaven
. disciples were to keep with him the work of salvation and teach the world
.symbolised the ressurrection of the 12tribes of Israel
Disciples were to act as role models to others by strictly following the teachings of Jesus

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To give him company during his public ministry
To reveal to them the nature of messianiship which was mis-understood by the people
So that they can continue with his work after departure
Symbolically it revealed the reunion of Israel that had 12 tribes
To show that his mission targeted for people from different backgrounds
To assist him in the day -to-day activities on the mission
To be good role models around those whom the kingdom of God would be built 
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To help him on his ministry

o as to they can be ready for his death 
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This was to symbolically represent the twelve tribes of Israel.
Jesus Christ also did this to show that He was an original Israelite 
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