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State seven promises that God made to Abraham

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  • Abraham would be the father of a great nation/many descendants/many children
  • Abraham would receive personal blessings-will die in peace
  • Abraham will receive honour The will have many descendants.
  • Abraham will receive personal reputation/his name would be made great
  • Abraham would receive personal reputation/his name would be made great
  • All those that bless Abraham would be cursed/God would protect Abraham.
  • Abraham would be a source of blessings to his descendants/God will rescue Abraham’s descendants.
  • Through him all nations of the earth would be blessed.
  • God would give Abraham and his descendants the land of Canaan.
  • The covenant would be everlasting.
  • He promised Abraham a son/a heir through his wife Sarah.
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To bless him,to curse those who curse him,to give him land to dwel in,to have son of their own,to give him many descendants,some of his descendants kings.
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He will give his only son.
He will have many desendant.
He will be his shield that he will protect him.
He will bless those who bless him and cursw those curse him.
His descendant will recieve blessing through him.

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1.a son (Isaac)
2.make him father of many nation
3.make his name great
4.many descendants
5.he would die in peace and at a ripe age
6.curse those who curse him and bless those who bless him
7.his descendants would be enslaved for 40yrs
8.he would be blessed by God 
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Many descendants 
Would be given a son
He will bless those who bless him and curse those who curse him 
He will make his name great 
He will be the father of all nations 
He will live long and die in peace
Some of hisdescendants would be kings
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God would bless him
Him would have many descendants
He would have a son
He would die in peace
He would be the father of many nations
He would be the father of faith 
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God will bless him
God will protect him
God will bless him with a son
God will make him a father of nations
God will bless those who bless him
God will curse who curse him
God will make is name great

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