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Describe the background to the call of Abraham

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God called abraham after the death of his father Terah. He was commanded to move from his homeland to a place where the lord would show him. He was promised a great nation, many descendants and that God would bless those who bless him and curse those who curse him.
Abraham went as the lord had told him. Took his brother's son and all their possessions. They passed by shechem and made an altar for God then proceeded to Bethel where they made another altar then they continued with their journey until they got to Negeb.                            And ur welcome....
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After the death of his father Abraham was called at the age of 75,God told Anrahan to move from his homeland haran and go to a place where he will show Abraham,Abraham moved with his wife,servants and all his possessions, God appeared  to him and promised him many things, God showed him many stars as assurance of earlier promises 

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