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to overcome challenges we always count on close ties to family and those close to us.using characters Taiyo and Resian write an easy to validate the truth of this statement

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No man is an island.  Human beings were created to relate mutually.  The close friendship between Resian and Taiyo is the key to overcoming stormy times that present themselves in their lives as follows: In their new environment at Nasila, the girls meet unique challenges.  They are not used to the communal life for all along they have stayed in an urban set up where life is individualistic.  At Nasila, they have to get used to impromptu visitors and superior male counterparts.  It is the love between the two girls that helps in these scenarios.  The duo stays together most of the times.  By so doing, they share a lot.  Taiyo counsels Resian on using kind language on Yeiyo Botorr, her aunt.  The two girls discuss about danger that lurks from the hostile youth especially because of their uncircumcised condition.

​In overcoming the challenge of female genital mutilation (FGM), their friendship bond comes in handy.  When Resian goes on a hunger strike, she says it is only Taiyo who can change her stand.  When Taiyo is informed of Resian’s condition, she does not hesitate to offer herself for Resian’s redemption even when there are risks all over.  While at Nasila, they have a lot of time sharing their views towards FGM.  The discussions must have strengthened their hard stands towards FGM.  It is from these discussions that they vow never to give in to FGM.  In the incident when Taiyo and Resian are accosted by two callous young men, their coordination and friendship save them.  The incident finds them while they are walking together where they had visited Maiso for lunch.  If the struggle had been between two men versus one girl, probably she would have surmounted.  Although most of the salvation is largely brought by Olarinkoi the fact that the two girls were together makes it easier for them to go about the ordeal.  Their joint screaming and their escape unhurt is partly contributed by their togetherness.

The two birds of a feather hatch a scheme to outwit Oloisudori.  They wrap the gifts he had brought them into a box and title it as a gift.  They then plan how to execute the plan.  They arrange on how Resian is to thank Oloisudori and give him the gift.  They discuss the aim of the gestures to clarify to Oloisudori the fact they cannot be cheated with gifts.  From this co-operation Resian manages to trick Oloisudori and tells off her father and later with Olarinkoi, they manage to leave Nasila.

It is clear from the above illustration that strong friendship bonds can help friends go about hard experiences and overcome them in their lives
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