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in Blossoms of the Savannah by

‘Our greatest enemies are those close to us.’  Support this statement with illustrations from the novel Blossoms of the Savannah

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  1. Mama Milanoi who is the mother to Taiyo betrays her by allowing her to accompany three women to take her to Resian only for her to end up being forcefully subjected to F.G.M
  2. Ole Kaelo, father to Taiyo refuses to allow his daughter Taiyo to travel to Mombasa with the other youth selected by an FM radio station for a music extravaganza. To him participating would be like engaging in prostitution.
  3. Ole Kaelo also betrays his daughter’s ambitions to join Egerton University preferring instead to marry them off to Oloisudori. This shows he is not ready to help them realize their dreams as a father should do.
  4. Ole Kaelo betrays Resian. He openly shows his resentment to Resian. Constantly rebuking her for even the slightest of mistake she makes. He hates because he expected a boy child not a girl child. This leaves Resian with a low self-esteem and fearful.
  5. Olarinkoi, who is occasionally accommodated by the Ole Kaelo’s and is even though he is not part of their family, later betrays the Ole Kaelo’s when he abducts Resian with the intention of eloping with her. This is betrayal to a family that had hosted him.
  6. Oloisudori betrays Ole Kaelo. Though they were close business friends. Oloisudori blackmails Ole Kaelo so that Ole Kaelo has no option but to marry off his daughter to Oloisudori.
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