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In Blossoms of the Savannah Ole Kulet goes out of this way to castigate some Maa way of life. Show the validity of this statement using illustrations from the novel.

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F.G.M was valued by Maa people. No girl would get married before going through the rite. It was a tool to fight against sexual harassment by Olarinkoi warriors Resian and Laiyo fail to see its purpose and try to run away from it Minik has a ranch where over five hundred girls have been resolved from circumcision. Resian manages to escape from circumcision through Nabaru who sneaks her away. Though Mama Milanoi has undergone the rite, she is apprehensive against her daughters Undergoing it. 

Heinous acts in the society

Ole kulet castigates heinous acts in the society. When Taiyo and Resian are almost raped by two vagabonds, Tara Muyo and Lante, the society is mad at them and they are almost killed. Ole Kaelo almost kills them, but later is relieved that he has not caused the death of the man for this could have brought a curse which could not be cleansed. When Olarinkoi attempts to rape Resian, she almost bites off his finger, He is banished from the village for some time and he misses the opportunity of making her his wife. Kulet portrays that this behavior is unacceptable in the society. 

Old men marrying young daughters

Ole Kulet castigates this vice of old men marrying girls young enough to be their daughters. Mama Mitanoi in her anguish about Oloisudori's wish to marry Resian remembers that in the past, such a thing would not have happened. She could have appealed to the elders' court which would have ruled in her favour. Oloisudori's effort to marry either Resian or Taiyo does not succeed. He ends up losing his vehicle and fleeing for his life. Kulet Castigates forced early marriages. Emakererei has rescued over five hundred girls whose dowry their father had taken. She has kept them in her ranch and taken them back to school.

Prejudice against Women

Women in the book have no place in decision making. Mama Milanoi has to accept everything that her husband does. Taiyo and Resian are also not given their space. Their father refuses to give Taiyo permission for the extravaganza. He is also not bothered about their education. Resian and Emakererei break the tyrannical regime by making their own decision. Emakererei campaigns against F.G.M and early marriages. Resian defies the dominance of her father by refusing to marry Oloisudori. Kulet develops these characters to water down male dominance in the society.

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