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In a male-dominated society, only women who are resilient in character overcome the hurdles placed on their paths. Write an essay justifying the assertion with clear illustrations from Henry ole Kulet’s Blossoms of the Savannah.

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  • Point of interpretation
  • Character
  • Their resilience
  • Background information
  • Details on the challenges and their resilience
  • Success (outcome)


In the Blossoms of the Savannah, women who are resilient and determines no matter the challenges always succeed in the end.

Resian is determined to go to the university. She has desires to join Egerton University and pursue veterinary Science. (18) She constantly asked Yeiyo amd Taiyo to talk to their father. (183)Her father, Ole Kaelo prefers marrying Resian off to Oloisudori to educating her. (101, 169, 185-197,203-209) She manages to escape and get to Emakererei (262)

Resian is determined to fight off being married forcefully to Oloisudori, despite the father’s and Oloisudori’s insistence. (101. 169, 185-197, 203-209) she manages to escape their plans by the help of Olarinkoi(209)  and even gets to Minik’s ranch (262) who protects her from the clutches of oloisudori.( 282-284)

Minik ene Nkoitoi, Emakererei, is focused on rescuing the girl–child from the FGM practice. The society values this practice and one who has not undergone it is deragoratorilly called ntoiye she’s been considered as a wasp( 21-22, 52) she saves th girls at her ranch (21, 265-284)

Minik ene Nkoitoi has set her eyes on educating the girl-child despite the resistance from the Nasilian male-chauvinists.

Resian fights olarinkoi from raping her. He worms into their family doing odd jobs (67,74) and wins the girls’s trust by protecting them from the vagabonds( 140-143) she uses that fact to lure resian to his place (209) and tries to rape her and also forces to marry her (218-222) she escapes to Minik’s place( 262)

Nabaru fights for Resian against Olarinkoi and his mother to get her Emakererei. Nabaru takes care of resian when she’s hurt( 224-233) she helps her escape to Nabaru’s (245-253)

In conclusion, one needs to beat all odds to achieve their dreams

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