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Bad decisions can adversely affect our lives. Using Blossoms of the Savannah, write an essay in support of the statement with illustrations from the novel.

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INTRODUCTION; the choices we make can affect us positively or negatively. Bad choices definitely have adverse effects on our future

  1. Ole kaelo is advised by supeyo what kind of man oloisudori is. He is warned but does not heed the advice. He signs lucrative business deals that end up to hound him when oloisudori demands to marry Resian.
  2. ole kaelo makes the bad choice of agreeing to give his daughter Resian to oloisudori. He wants to save his businesses. This creates a lot of problems for the family that makes the girls to rebel.
  3. Olarinkoi is not well known by the kaelos yet nobody questions about his presence. He seems mystery and with time, he becomes a member of the family. The trust he had from Resian turns into more chaos when he attempted to rape her and force he into marriage
  4. Mama milanoi makes a bad choice of giving her daughter Taiyo to three strange women cheating that she was being taken to her sister. Her plans are to have her circumcised before being married to oloisudori. This makes her loose the trust from her daughter
    Bad decisions made knowingly or unknowingly will definitely have negative impact in our lives or on those that are dear to us.
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