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Describe systematically the processing of Coffee until it is ready for the market.

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  1. From the collection centres the good berries are taken to the factory.
  2. At the factory berries are weighed again, and then put in large tanks with water to remove the outer cover- pulping.
  3. The beans are heaped in a tank to ferment for 12-24hrs
  4. After that beans are washed in clean water.
  5. They are then put on wire mesh in the open sun for curing for almost one week. This reduces moisture between12-13%.
  6. The beans are put in a drying machine that reduces moisture to optimum of 10%
  7. After curing the beans are put in a machine that peels off the two layers of the inner husks.
  8. The beans are then winnowed and graded.
  9. The beans are the sorted according to size and quality and then packed in 60kgs bags for shipment.
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